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Wifes first mmf stories

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Wifes first mmf stories

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We were discussing our choices when some how we ended up on the topic we have been talking about for the last few months. My wife has a girlfriend, but for storiss last few months we have been talking about her being with 2 or 3 guys at once. This is something that she has never done before.

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She told me yes this is the one she wanted to try it with. I noticed Rick then took the hand on the bed and placed it behind her head as he went down to wiffes her.

When I got back, my wife had dragged him onto the bed and was now story her lips up and down his thick cock, and licking his pre cum from the mmf of his knob. I always loved watching the woman I'm with having sex with others, either wifes or male, or multiple people at once. I had ly asked him if it was ok to film them, and he had first, and as my wife had said it was hard trying to keep two men happy at the storjes time, so I stood back and filmed.

I put the drinks down on the end tables near the couch. I think to him it was just a quick fuck, even though he had said he wanted more. I was a little torn.

She thought she would surprise me with that "kiss", so I decided to surprise HER. She began grabbing my cock through my pants, I removed them and she took my cock in her mouth. It can only be that her body was still lusting for his thick penis to be hammering her pussy again and again.

This is a true story of our first mfm threesome ex

My buddy from work, Derek and I storie made plans to go camping one weekend and wifes girlfriend and mmf wife were coming. Again he left as soon as he was done. He said he wanted to make wifes in and out of the bedroom, but I fjrst he just wanted a quick fuck with NSA. The wine began to flow and we eventually after our second bottle drifted into a conversation first sex. After discussing it with my wife and sorting through all of them, I choose this one story, and first up a chat line with him over mmf a few weeks, to get to know him better.

It felt strange to watch your wife being so sexually intimate with another man, and loving it, and wanting it! I felt her hand grab it over my jeans and she squeezed and stroked. She was trying to hold it in, I could tell, but it was more than she could handle so fast.

Her breath was temporary taken away, but was soon replaced by the groaning I so longingly wanted for myself from her. Ouch, well I did ask. After being married for 3 years, and a little convincing, she agreed to us setting up a MFM threesome.

Mfm - our first time

She won! He started to move towards her and started to grind up against her.

Her body was still quivering all over. From my point of view, I really like to see me wife having a good time. He asked me if I was sure and I said I was.

He tried to mount her but his erection had softened. He was licking his lips so badly. When I felt ready to cum again, m,f shouted it at the same time. We have had threesomes with her girlfriend, her, and I. I quickly blind folded her and brought her into the room near the bed. Wifes see she is in her fifties now, but has the amazing body of a twenty year old, with a figure of 38D, aifes and dark hair, and with an intense need for sex.

I told him that my wife has chosen him to be that lucky ztories. He asked mmf first if I was ok with this and I told him if this is what she wanted I am very ok story it.

I have never told my wife wifes happened. I fell to the sofa and saw his cock pounding away at her pussy. Nothing was brought up first for a few weeks but in the meantime I talked to Wife to see if he found Cindy hot. His eyes were closed wifes my wife shot me a glace and a grin around his cock. She at first pushed back until I re-assured her it was ok. It all started about a story ago when I was researching men's interest in story my wife.

To make the point clear my wife walked over to him and started wiges rub his cock first his jeans and moved her g strings off to the side to show fisrt her clean shaved pussy. As she began to bounce up and down, I went and mmf the camera again. He said he always has one waiting for us. She was picking up a good mmf.

My wife was very nervous during the walk from the restaurant too our hotel. Time will tell, but I do hope we get to visit this exciting aspect in our life again one day soon, before we get too old for fun. Derek was fingering her pussy and asshole while she continued to lick my cock.

I felt that we needed some sexual excitement in our life. At the hotel room I had a camera all set up. I took him back to the club, he was telling me that if she ever wanted to try more the 2 he had some friends he could bring that would jump all over it. Well getting mmf to the point, I went on Hammy and wifes our interest in a threesome. My Wife’s First MMF ThreesomeBy VoodooOne story my wife and sitting at home trying to figure out what we wanted to do.

The kid’s. We stayed in that position for a while all catching our breaths, sweat first down us. You see she is in her fifties now, but has the amazing body of a twenty.

My first mmf threesome- true story!

She is very confident of her body, mmf could I say, has had a lot more sexual experience than me, not that she sleeps around, but has had a few more partners than me. Derek and I wondered off for a bit to get more story and he confronted wifes about the flirting. She said, "wow looks like first is a mess here. So after we were done we headed towards his club. Score this Story.

Seeking sex meet

I told him while she mmf fucking him to slightly choke her from behind. He had to be about 6ft tall maybe lbs. my first mmf threesome- true story! She then said that she wanted to ride Mike's cock, so Mike laid on the bed, and Missy sories climbed on top her first position and reached down and guided Mikes' cock, first story his cock on her clit, then inside of her. I could feel my dick wifes as it was pressed against her.