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Songs about first kisses

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Songs about first kisses

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Getty Images Ah, making out. It's one of life's greatest pleasures. It's simple, abour easy and it costs you nothing -- or at least, that's the way it's supposed to work. When you're ready to get on that comfy couch and do some good, old-fashioned kissing, you're going to want a romantic soundtrack. Dance music can be the rhythm that gets you in the mood, heats things up or slows things down.

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Some of these pop songs reference kissing in the titles, but others mention kissing, Frenching, making out, abiut pecking someone on the cheek in the lyrics. EliteSingles Editorial April The Pointer Sisters describe the heat of sexual chemistry with someone who isn't good for you. First, you could listen to some great ska and soak up all the empowered kiisses that comes along with that, then around track five, when "Underneath It All" came on, it would be time for moves to be made.

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Getty Images Ah, making out. Toothpaste Kisses is no exception.

One day she's taking her first ride on a pony and giving him butterfly kisses with her eyelashes after bedtime prayers. Yet it can also spread the common cold somgs diseases like herpes and meningitis.

These songs were probs on during your first kiss

Early Beatles songs' were often about young love and first kisses. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "first kiss" - from the Lyrics.​com website. "Kiss an Angel Good Morning". Scientists now believe that kissing kissez a matchmaking function, communicating information about health, fertility and genetic compatibility.

Top 10 country songs about kissing

So are you getting enough kisses in your life? Tinkling piano seals the dreamy deal.

What is this about making him tell her he's in love with her? He must have some pucker power over her because she describes it as follows: It's centrifugal motion. Here's how to start dating again 7.

: Ready to get over your ex? Hug em, squeeze em tight - you'll find out what you want to know! Some of these pop songs reference kissing in the titles, but. Here, The Beach Boys are all about make-up kisses: those lovely moments when suddenly you forst everything between you will be OK.

Kiss me: 25 songs that celebrate international kissing day

Reader Poll 1. Oh, how he wishes to return to the sweet, carefree days of his first kiss.

From first kisses to kiss offs, every kind of smooch has been immortalized with music. Couples who kiss more have deeper and more satisfactory relationships.

Pride originally released this song in ; it was the first single featured on Charley Pride Sings. Ranker Music Updated September 21, 4.

He can take those sweet lips and keep on walking! Charley Pride. The condition and appearance of a potential partner's teeth plays a determining factor in a woman's decision to kiss someone or not. Maybe you and your intended didn't realize the song was even playing, but something about the atmosphere in the room changed and you had to do something about it.

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You've got to kiss an angel good mornin' And let her know you think about her when you're gone Kiss an angel good mornin' and love her like a devil when you get back home. It's got the perfect '90s house beat to make you feel all nostalgic for a more innocent time, even if it's a little devious in the lyrics.

A partner who is fine without you, but still needs you. And it's creepy.

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Whatever the reason, the songs that result are routinely lovely. : Looking to keep the music going?

He just wants his lover's time and her kiss. The Shangri-Las have it in spades. She recounts fighting at a party recently and her barely-getting-by life. Life's too short to be so apprehensive Love's as much the symptom, darlin', as the cure. Recalling how a lover "stood by as it fell apart, separate rooms and broken hearts," he is tentative.

Then our narrator basically force kisses her. Not-too-picky warns her, however, that although having an attitude is fine he finds dirty talking a turn off.

List of the best kiss songs

Maybe your first kiss wasn't the best you ever had, but this song really was a great choice for the first track you listened to while kissing. It's got a cool, futuristic wonk to its mid-aught synth vibes. Fitzgerald sympathizes.

Kissing can bring comfort, repair hurt feelings, and deepen relationship bonds. In it, a confident narrator tells his lover that to be his girl, she cirst not be beautiful, experienced, rich, cool, or share his zodiac.

In the song, a smitten young woman worries about whether her boyfriend truly loves her.