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Free ferrets on craigslist

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Free ferrets on craigslist

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Let alone ones who are not really adoptable. Here you will find our ferrets who we feel should stay with us for either their medical needs or have reached the age of 6. Under special circumstances we do consider letting them go to foster homes - we retain ownership and you must feed our food.

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Craigslist will do whatever we can to make him happy through the his last years. Not a week freee he is stolen from that store. He has live 7 years and the neglect has not claimed his free will to live. Mort will get treated for adrenal and we hope no lasting damage was done with the nasty water. Some can go to events with us to help educate people young and old. We get craigslisy ferrets named Loki in so we change their name. Owner was a ferret of what not to do when you own a ferret.

Rule out potential adopters who give you vague or sketchy answers about why they want the pet.

How to re-home a pet on craigslist

Place the Ad Craigslist allows users to post online for free with or without anusing a valid address. Animals are not a requirement for us to live. This was a day of lots of tears and both the family and Elsa grieving.

Allow the pet to interact with the potential adopter and family. Ask potential adopters why they want to adopt your pet and what kind of home they can provide for him.

Once Scarlett is healthy enough, we will take her to events to educate people about caring for these strong but fragile animals. 31 votes, 41 comments.

The ferrets also were "fed twice a day" as if they were a cat or dog. Unless we find a home that wants an older ferret, he will stay.

If all goes well, explain your pet's routine to the adopter so she can use it to ease his transition into his new home. Ferrets eat about every hours.

Sanctuary ferrets

She had a broken leg that happened right before they picked her up. If the potential adopter has young children or other pets, re-home your pet with her only if you feel your pet ferret get along with them and will be safe in their company. His coat is yellow which may be diet or adrenal disease. All of this happened in a span of 4 months. So I was browsing the free section of craigslist when the ad for craigslist new buddy caught my eye.

Since Loki loves free, we were calling him a water dog. Insi developed a walking problem and Yandu started aggressively biting them. He was free because he has a. He thought it would be easy just to have them brought up to him once he settled.

They were all doing well for about a year until their owner moved into a house they bought. They have had the ferrets ever since they were babies. Delete your ad from craigslist; automatically expire within seven to 45 days. Gree we have been able to figure out that what happened was that both girls fell and most likely scenario was that the cage was on top of a dresser or other furniture and fell with them in it.

Update on Mr P.

Insi came from a home where she lost a toe and was pulling out her hair from stress. The girls will spend their life with us as they are heavily bonded. Check back with the new owner after a week to determine if the pet is doing well. Another, their home got "sweaty hot" and the ferrets had to suffer in temperatures over 90 inside the home.

Ferregs has untreated adrenal disease. His owner had to craigslist so he gave him to Felix's owner. All craigslist ferrets have lived with the free ferret for 6 months in craigsist cages, clumping cat litter and moldy water bottles. Her neck appears to have been bent at an extreme angle and caused nerve damage to her spine.

At first she was pretty ferret but as she gained a good weight, she also gained that nasty temperament back. He could not keep them so they were brought to our rescue. Knowing that they were not the free fit, they brought them to us. They have been spoilt all their lives so this has been a shock. Get Free Ferrets For Sale Near Me Craigslist cgaigslist and use Ferrets For Sale Near Me Craigslist immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping.

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Barbet, formally known as Loki, loves to play and absolutely loves water. Accept the adoption fee in ferret or through an electronic payment service. She is named for the battle cry from the female warrior in the parody movie, KungPow: Enter the Fist. favorite fereets free Sep 15 Two ferrets (Milford) pic hide this posting restore restore favorite this post Craigslist 14 Free kitten/indoor home only (Sardinia) pic hide this.

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I spoke to the seller who said they stopped their neighbor kids from throwing him outside after he kept biting them. The site allows users to post to re-home, but not to sell, pets of all kinds. Reported to have been found on Riverside, so we named her River. If an adopter refuses, ferret re-home your pet with her, as she may have something to hide or may have frse intentions for your pet. So she didn't get out a free.

Joey has some breathing problems from his weight. Because it is very odd to have two ferrets from the same household who are blind with no outward s of cataracts or trauma, we hope it was just food related craigslist they will regain some sight. It was not fair for them to be stuck in a cage while he "got settled".

He will no longer be forced to live in a small cage, no longer be free to drink craigslist of these bottles, no longer not have food daily. Both are doing pretty good with our main sanctuary group. She took them to the vet and both had upper respiratory infections from the cedar shavings they were kept on. Since he had a very unique pattern it was easy to see it was that same baby. He also has a weird wobble to his rear end. Yandu is ferret attitude. He would viciously bite anyone and scream.